“Making Visible the Invisible”, a Presentation by Jules Birks and Vanessa Di Murro, CSIC, University of Cambridge

Sometimes the data we gather from a site provides information that is so complex it’s hard to interpret. Occasionally, it can also throw up information we weren’t expecting. That’s fine when we know what we’re looking at, and have the expertise to interpret the information before us, but what happens when it’s left to other site staff to keep an eye on things? What can they ‘read’, and how should they use the information they have? It can be a challenge to make sure engineering data is meaningful, useful and accessible to those who need to use it. Jules and Vanessa will talk about their experiences of interpreting gathered data, how one person’s view can create and another’s can mitigate risk, and what efforts need to be made to make key information go as far as it can.

About Jules Birks

Jules Birks

Jules Birks is an industrial secondee working with CSIC at the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department as part of a knowledge sharing program with Mott MacDonald Ltd, where Jules works in the Foundations and Geotechniques division.

He holds a degree in Engineering from the Open University and a degree in Physics from Imperial College, London.

Jules has been working as part of CSIC’s deployment team – designing and installing instrumentation, collecting field data and undertaking analysis and interpretation.


About Vanessa Di Murro

Vanessa Di Murro

Vanessa Di Murro is a geotechnical engineer whose project specialisms include the use of advanced sensing techniques to inform advanced design and construction methods.

She has spent the past 18 months splitting her time between research work at the University of Cambridge and the CERN facility in Switzerland.



About CSIC

The Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) is a world-leading hub for innovation and knowledge transfer and allows leading people and organisations from industry and research to come together to develop novel solutions for some very real challenges.

The partnership specialises in emerging technologies. Our innovations in sensing, monitoring and data management help industry work more safely and efficiently in many settings, and projects range from smart design of individual components to whole lifecycle management of infrastructure assets. We help conceive and prove novel developments, support you in bringing them to market and find ways to drive take-up and adoption.

CSIC’s work with standards bodies promotes homogeneity of datasets and components, and also contributes to the broader BIM landscape, thereby allowing its partners to build industry confidence in what they do. In turn this helps to raise the profile the work they undertake. We facilitate new partnerships, too, by bringing together thought leaders to forge new ideas, tackle common problems and reach new markets. In short, we’re here to help innovative infrastructure and construction partners to work ‘smart’ and be ahead of the game.