IoT – Key to developing ‘hotbeds of innovation’

The EU has been urged to abandon the privacy rules ‘it is so hung up about’ because they are hampering technological innovation.

A Brussels conference on the future of the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe on Thursday heard from key industry figures on the emergence of an IoT ecosystem.

Wim de Waele, the CEO of Belgium’s Eggsplore who has been in the ICT business for almost 30 years, stressed the need to work on large-scale pilots to experiment with technology.

“I would encourage the European Commission and local authorities to not only put the user in the middle but get rid of the privacy rules they are so hung up about,” he said.

He warned that such rules “are hampering the introduction of technologies” and could be safely relaxed in controlled environments.

“Organisations where ideas flow freely are the future,” De Waele told the audience of policymakers, technology experts and industry representatives.

“If organisations adapt they can be hotbeds of innovation. As a large organisation you have to think about how to build an ecosystem that captures external innovation.”

The ICT professional spoke of mass adoption rates for technology across sectors, but noted that the banking sector was lagging behind.

He highlighted the connection between an internet of humans, internet of data and internet of things. “We have to talk about user-centric, citizen-driven data,” he said. “The ultimate goal is to personalise customer experience so we have to look at the entire value chain.”Read more