Internet of Things search engine wants the world to sell and exchange sensor data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps perfectly named. It sounds vague, dense and complex and that’s because it is. It’s a convoluted and intricate network of ideas, data and devices. It’s almost as though the name is aware of its own ambiguity, parodying itself and saying:

‘An internet of, erm, ‘things’ because there’s so much going on here we can’t even begin to sum it up in one word.’

Perhaps that’s what prompted the guys at Thingful to try to make sense of it all, putting as much information generated by the things it’s connected to – and that are connected to it – in one place, indexing it, and making it searchable for anyone.

“IoT today is basically a bunch of silos of data generated by sensors and devices including people wearing those things or driving cars or anything that is sensorised in any form,” Thingful chief marketing officer Andrew Caleya Chetty told The INQUIRER. … (Read more)