IIoT: Changes in technology that will enable greater connectivity and how it will affect your designs

Experts discuss the changes in technology that will enable greater connectivity and data gathering, and how it will affect your designs.

Overall, the IIoT is primarily a concept—better business operations through knowledge. The basic technology to achieve this concept will be smart sensors, communication buses and analytical software. Vendors are developing creative solutions within these areas.

“We see the IIoT as comprised of three basic technology attributes: intelligence (logic solving, data collection, signal conditioning); networking (wired serial or Ethernet, wireless LAN, cellular, Bluetooth); and communications (protocols and APIs),” said Ben Orchard, applications engineer at Opto 22.

The ability to have data at your fingertips, thanks to recent technology developments like mobile platforms, is part of what’s driving the implementation of wider connectivity. Noted Gary Marchuk, director of business development at AutomationDirect, “Our customers have constantly demanded that they have the ability to access data from their HMI or PLC on their cell phone or tablet.”

But existing networks will not disappear. “Instead,” said Armin Pühringer, business development manager, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation, “our networking infrastructures—particularly at the higher levels—will have to be changed to deal with Big Data and its potential.”Read more

Source: designworldonline.com