How The Hacker Economy Impacts Your Network & The Cloud

To protect data against growing threats, networks must now act as both sensor and enforcer around traffic that passes through users and data centers to the cloud. There has definitely been a digital disruption within our industry.

I recently attended the Cisco Partner Summit in Montreal and heard some big messages around new kinds of ecosystem technologies that are already making an impact on our datacenters. One of the biggest conversation points at the conference was about security and the evolution of the cybercriminal.

With so much new data being created every second, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and new threat vectors have forced a new way of thinking around user, cloud, and datacenter security. New technologies are becoming available with better security intelligence, predictive and proactive capabilities, and cross-cloud API security integration. These new security platforms are designed to make your networks smarter, your datacenter more secure and your cloud a lot more agile. … (read more)