Heba Bevan, CSIC, University of Cambrige, Presents: “Little Sensors, Big Data”

When it comes to sensing, scope, cost and access have long been a problems facing engineers in the field. So, the aim was to develop a tool that was genuinely needs-led. The development process for UtterBerry took that needs-led approach – How can we make it tiny? Use virtually no energy? Make it last? Make it really meaningful? Make it affordable? Make it – quite literally – stick? We started there, with those ambitions, and then created the system to suit. UtterBerry’s working hard to deliver data from beneath our feet and up in the sky, but there are so many other applications – that’s the real job at hand – the potentially infinite universe we’re just beginning to explore.

About Heba Bevan

Heba Bevan is a designer and founder of UtterBerry Limited, an award winning wireless sensing system that gathers structural change data caused by events such as leaks, cracks, temperature, pressure and impacts. She studied electronics and computer engineering, receiving a first for her final year project on robotics visualisation, worked as a CPU engineer at ARM and as a researcher at Rice University, Texas and is now completing her PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge.

About CSIC

The Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) is a world-leading hub for innovation and knowledge transfer and allows leading people and organisations from industry and research to come together to develop novel solutions for some very real challenges.

The partnership specialises in emerging technologies. Our innovations in sensing, monitoring and data management help industry work more safely and efficiently in many settings, and projects range from smart design of individual components to whole lifecycle management of infrastructure assets. We help conceive and prove novel developments, support you in bringing them to market and find ways to drive take-up and adoption.

CSIC’s work with standards bodies promotes homogeneity of datasets and components, and also contributes to the broader BIM landscape, thereby allowing its partners to build industry confidence in what they do. In turn this helps to raise the profile the work they undertake. We facilitate new partnerships, too, by bringing together thought leaders to forge new ideas, tackle common problems and reach new markets. In short, we’re here to help innovative infrastructure and construction partners to work ‘smart’ and be ahead of the game.