DMG MORI, Microsoft Japan reach agreement on Smart Factory implementation

DMG MORI, Microsoft Japan reach agreement on Smart Factory implementation

DMG MORI and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd reached an agreement on technological corporation for security of machine tool control systems and implementation of “Smart Factory.”

In a recent trend of rapid globalization of production in the manufacturing industry, “Smart Factory” has been drawing a great deal of attention. “Smart Factory” uses IoT (Internet of the things) technologies that connect every device in a factory via the Internet; analyzes shop equipment information and the sensor data in real time in the cloud; and optimizes production management and quality control. Behind the advancement of technologies, on the other hand, some factories and infrastructure such as power plants have been cyber-attacked, and security of control systems has become one of the most urgent issues today.

In such a background, DMG MORI, the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer, and Microsoft Japan, with a solid record of providing security services on a global scale, will work in collaboration to tackle various issues including security measures for control systems by making the most of the know-how each of the two companies has built up. Microsoft Japan offers a wide range of the IoT bases, from the operation system for embedded devices (Windows 10-based operating system “Windows 10 IoT Family”) to the public cloud platform (Microsoft Azure), and provides the most advanced cyber security measures.


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Industry 4.0 and smart factory will be among the main topics of the Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference, which will take place on November 8, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For more info about the conference, visit