“Crowd Sensing, Crush Prevention”, Presented by Vassilis Zachariadis, CSIC, University of Cambridge

Our public transport infrastructure has never been busier, with ever-increasing demand and pressure. High concentrations and volumes of people in public transport stations during rush hours pose significant risks to passenger safety and hinder optimised use of the available system. Ahead-of-time prediction of passenger flows has the potential to provide asset managers with the ability to foresee emergent congestion and and other unexpected interruptions and allow them sufficient time to act early, mitigate the impact of excessive demand and improve passenger safety and comfort. Using a recent example of London Bridge Station in Central London, Vassilis will describe the latest developments in dynamic passenger flow sensing, and simulations that help managers take the right decisions at the right time.

About Vassilis Zachariadis

Vassilis is a Research Associate at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL, and at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Design at the University of Cambridge. For a decade, Vassilis has been involved in the research and application of land-use and transport models, and he is an expert in pedestrian behaviour modelling. His research covers applied economic geography, location choice models, spatiotemporal analysis of urban activities, and situated multi-agent systems.

About CSIC

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