‘Condition Based Maintenance: Sensor quality matters’ presented by Simon Jagers, Semiotic Labs

According to Simon Jagers, Semiotic Labs, is Condition Based Maintenance the killer app for the Industrial Internet of Things: It offers compelling value and is often architected to scale.

To determine the condition of an asset, sensor- and process data is analysed using artificial intelligence. The quality of a sensor and the frequency of measurements determines in large part to what extent algorithms can predict when and why equipment fails.
In this talk, Simon discusses the requirements for a sensor network for Condition Monitoring purposes and addresses the question if computing power is required at the sensor or edge-level, or in the cloud.

about Simon Jagers
Simon Jagers founded Semiotic Labs early in 2015, with the ambition to enable 100% predictable maintenance. His professional career – both as an entrepreneur and working for firms such as Dell, Oracle and EMC – has evolved around data and the desire to turn data into information and action.

About Semiotic Labs
Semiotic Labs predicts when and why equipment fails. In real time. By turning sensory data into patterns of behavior, we are able to learn when machines behave in a healthy state, and when failures start to materialize. Our clients use our platform to schedule maintenance before breakdowns occur.