Beyond the hype – what is the reality of IoT?

Berg Insight estimates that 5.9 billion products with embedded microprocessors were sold worldwide in 2014. IoT is about networking these products as well as new device categories that can benefit from connectivity. Consumer products account for the vast majority of devices with embedded connectivity.

Small appliances account for a third of the volume or roughly 2.0 billion units. Other top five categories are toys 1.0 billion, home entertainment 0.8 billion, HVAC equipment and controls 0.4 billion and home appliances 0.3 billion. Utility meters and motor vehicles are other significant categories with 0.2 billion and 0.1 billion units respectively.
Berg Insight firmly believes that the main growth segments in the IoT market until 2020 will be established products which sell in significant volumes and incorporate some form of microprocessor technology.

Devices and things that do not have any form of digital intelligence today may only represent significant opportunities in the longer term, as greenfield applications normally need considerable time to reach maturity. Consumer oriented products will dominate in terms of volume as few industrial or enterprise products are produced in very large quantities. Potential exceptions are smart infrastructure (e.g. smart cities and intelligent traffic systems) and smart agriculture. Read more

Source: Berg Insight