IoT Needs Targeted Strategies to Combat Influx of New Cyber Risks

Internet of Things initiatives demand targeted strategies to combat the influx of new cyber risks that will invariably accompany them. Companies across all industries can learn from some of the lessons already learned by technology, media, and telecom companies.

What makes the Internet of Things (IoT) different from the traditional Internet? People, for starters. The IoT doesn’t rely on human intervention to function. With the IoT, sensors collect, communicate, analyze, and act on information, offering new ways for technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) businesses to create value—whether that’s creating entirely new businesses and revenue streams or delivering a more efficient experience for consumers.

But this also creates new opportunities for all of that information to be compromised. Not only is more data being shared through the IoT, among many more participants, but more sensitive data is being shared. As a result, the risks are exponentially greater.Read more

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