Wearables market takes content marketing in new directions

While 2014 certainly saw the pulse quicken a bit within the wearables market, 2015 is shaping up to be a corner-turning year for the category. With Apple jumping into the market with the expected March release of the Watch, a consumer ecosystem will surely begin to develop that will shed new light on the wearables category.

And, more importantly, create new windows of opportunity in the marketing world.

First, let’s take a quick peek at where the market is headed in the coming years. Wearable technology mainly concerns devices and apparel/textiles. Glasses, jewelry, headgear, belts, armwear, wristwear, legwear, footwear, skin patches, exoskeletons and e-textiles are involved and the device business is already fairly large. According to research firm IDTechEx, the wearable electronics business powered to over $14 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to over $70 billion by 2024. Their report also claims the dominant sector will remain the health care sector which merges medical, fitness and wellness.

For marketers, the category should open new doors for unique, very targeted content options. One of the new directions marketers can head in with their content plans in the wearable space will involve augmenting, not distracting, users as they go about their daily routines.

“The idea with content in the wearables’ world will be creating more device-specific content,” began New York-based mobile marketing guru Lauren Sosik. “A product like Google Glass can allow for content that will trigger an action when certain items, locations, or actions come into view.” … (read more)

Source: AllVoices.com