Mobile CRM’s Great Big Internet of Things Challenge

Service will have to be a main consideration for CRM when the Internet of Things arrives — and providing rudimentary tech help for the gadgets in question won’t be enough. Consumers already think nothing of sending requests for service via Twitter, for example. That attitude will surely spread to the connected refrigerator and other smart appliances that can send and presumably receive messages.

Shortly after Google’s US$3.2 billion acquisition of Nest was announced, Nest CEO Tony Fadell felt obliged to clarify something for its users: Any changes to the company’s privacy policy would be opt-in. Also, Nest would be transparent about those changes to its users, he said.

It’s questionable whether Fadell can keep such a promise, unless there’s a specific provision in the acquisition contract that supports it. Still, Fadell’s remarks — and the concerns that prompted them — point to an important consideration for mobile CRM as it makes its inevitable march into the Internet of Things.

Service, support and even marketing must accommodate this new channel and address the consumers’ sensitivities about it. … (Read more)

Mobile CRM's Great Big Internet of Things Challenge