3 enterprise IoT lessons learned from triathlete training gear

As an amateur triathlete for the last several years, I have a wearable / IoT ecosystem in the form of my training gear. I have a wearable GPS watch that provides time, distance and speed/pace for the swim, bike and run, and three wireless sensors in the form of a heart monitor, a weight scale, and a cadence and power meter on the bike.

All three of these sensors communicate their data back to the GPS watch, which provides a highly configurable display. The GPS watch and the heart monitor are from one manufacturer and the weight scale and power meter come from two other manufacturers. Together this custom ecosystem gives me valuable data about my training and overall progress.

Here’s a few items I’ve observed that may also apply to other wearable / IoT ecosystems:
It’s trial and error until you find the right ecosystem for your needs – My ecosystem took a while to build out as I tried different products and finally arrived at the best of breed solution I was looking for. The ecosystem was not “out of the box” and differs significantly from one person to the next.

Some wearables simply don’t work and end up in the drawer – Some of the first lap counters for swimming didn’t work too well until I found my latest all-in-one GPS watch which counts laps in the pool reliably (even stroke count, stroke type and efficiency) and is my single “wearable” for all three sports. … (Read more)

Source: ComputerWorld.com