Smartphones, desktop PCs are the most commonly returned connected devices

These days may well be the era of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets but new research has found that connectivity and its inherent complexity is leading to a spate of returns of CE devices

Indeed according to according to a new study, Consumer Electronics Product Returns, from market research company The NPD Group, approximately 18 million U.S. consumers returned a consumer electronics product in the past year with more than half (57%) saying that they returned their device because it was defective, the most commonly cited reason for return.

Smartphone purchasers showed the highest incidence of return/exchange at 10% while flat-panel TV buyers (4%) showed one of the lowest incidences.

The study also revealed that a large majority of these exchanges are made for the same brand or model, 52% for flat-panel and 60% for smartphones. New features like touchscreens, sensors, and Internet connectivity have made electronics devices more complicated to set up and use for some, thus creating the perception of product defect.

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Source: Connected World.TV