IoT survey: Wi-Fi is big winner in Consumer Electronics use

both ‘Technology Wise’ and ‘Business Wise’

The respondents were asked in this survey, as input for the upcoming IoT event, to give their opinion which standards were most promising ‘Technology Wise’ and ‘Business Wise’ in the following markets: automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare and smart metering.

In the graph below it is very clear that Wi-Fi is seen as most promising in the Consumer Electronics market, followed bij ZigBee and Bluetooth.

All results of this survey will be presented during the IoT seminar, and used as input for the discussion Forum about SWOT analysis of wireless and wired standards for IoT.


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  1. The people who answered this survey think differtently, or don’t see DECT ULE as alternative.
    They could choose DECT in the survey, but they didn’t.

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