GreenGoose starts with connecting pets

Their slogan is ‘We make life more fun by turning everyday things into opportunities to play’.
Things you have to do become meaningful, social, pieces of a game. Imagine a world made better as we collectively enjoy our day-to-day activities in new ways, making us happier people, and better for it. Let’s play life together.

Things that are already fun can be even more fun with the GreenGoose! We bring online games to life in the real world, by doing real things away from the computer. We also take your game online and keep the fun going off the playing field and bring it into your home or office, or while at work or school.

Respecting Our Users
We understand life isn’t always fun and games. We know the boundaries and one of them is your privacy. Your data is always yours. You’re in full control. This is about making daily life more fun, not about Big Brother.

Why This Goose Is Green
We’re happy to recycle your used sensors. When you’re done playing, send them back to us, and we’ll give them a new life. We’re also conscious of our manufacturing process and promise to be responsible in every way we can.