Technicolor opens the Partners Alliance, a developers’ program to acces Qeo resources and promote developers applications that deliver the ‘services of things’

Last Month, Technicolor announced the release of the Partners Alliance portal for the Qeo communication framework.

Announced at Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Qeo is a revolutionary software framework for simple, secure communication between applications and devices. Qeo allows for everyone to deliver an intelligent network of connected devices rather than just a network of intelligent devices, enabling the “Services of Things” to create totally new interactive/contextual services both at home and on the go.

Qeo specifications are freely available, using an unencumbered, open license model, allowing everyone to use its specs and build its own reference implementation. Technicolor is preparing the release of an open source version of Qeo, designed to protect the openness of Qeo.

The Partners Alliance is a developer community program to drive the creation, marketing and promotion of amazing experiences for end-users. It provides access to SDKs, documentation and all the relevant technical information and support that developers need to create applications with Qeo. Partners Alliance also empowers relationships between developers and Services Providers, helping build and deepen business relationships.