Creating a smart home? Want to add daylight as a trigger?

You can control your lights and appliances based on time of day, but a Kickstarter that launched Wednesday wants to add daylight to the mix via a connected sensor and closed system.

When it comes to programming my lights and my window shades, time of day is a favorite parameter to use. In some cases I am really looking for a specific time, like when my blinds go up at a set time, but in other cases it’s a proxy for sunrise and sunset. While many home automation apps allow you to schedule things for sunrise and sunset there’s another option launching today that offers a light sensor for your smart home.

Light Sentry is launching a Kickstarter for a sensor that attaches to a pole outside the home and communicates with a connected hub, light switches and power outlets. Thus, you can install a Light Sentry outlet for where you plug in your Christmas lights, or put a Light Sentry switch for your porch light or wherever you think you want to control something with daylight as opposed to time. … (Read more)