Xbox One connected To The Internet Of Things with Microsoft’s Home 2.0

The Xbox One–Microsoft’s new console announced yesterday–will have eight times the graphical power of the last Xbox, connect to more than ten times the global servers to push content from the cloud, and deliver an Internet-integrated television experience that’s faster and more fluid than any other system we’ve seen.
But while these are all exciting ideas, they’re all just launch features of a next-generation game console. What will the Xbox One look like in, say, three to five years? Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s chief production officer of interactive entertainment, shared his vision for the future with us. And that future largely resides in a platform that his team has casually dubbed Home 2.0.

“I’m not saying it’s a good name,” Whitten laughs, indicating that it will most certainly change when the project goes public. But he imagines that Home 2.0 will allow the One to be more than an entertainment device for your living room. Rather, it could be your home’s gateway to the Internet of Things–the missing link for the inevitable future of interconnected lights, appliances, and more.

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