Use cases, rather than products, will fulfill the promise of the smart home, report shows

New report contends that use cases, rather than products, will fulfill the promise of the smart home.
Despite undeniable excitement about the connected home, its promise remains largely unfulfilled. The connected home industry is still in search of compelling use cases to drive adoption, according to a new report from Michael Wolf at NextMarket Insights.

The report, entitled “The Mass Market Smart Home,” is sponsored by Vivint, a leading provider of smart home technology.

NextMarket Insights forecasts the combined DIY connected device home and managed smart home services market to be nearly $17.5 billion by 2019. But according to Wolf:

“Simply selling a system that connects devices will capture the imagination of early adopters, but for the connected home to become as pervasive as other seminal product categories like the smart phone, consumers must see tremendous inherent value delivered by a more connected lifestyle.”
The ability of the industry to show that the connected home fulfills a set of needs across a variety of consumer segments is the most important collective challenge facing it today. Smart home vendors need to describe how the technology can make lives better through fulfilling core needs and solving difficult problems.

“Moving the from early adopters to mass market will depend on widely popular applications of the technology, rather than the technology itself,” said Jefferson Lyman, chief marketing officer at Vivint.Read more