Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Marketing Are Top 3 Industries that Benefit from IoT Sensor Data

Ready or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and the data it generates will be the driving force for future innovation and efficiency. According to Frost & Sullivan, 40 percent of all IoT data generated by 2020 will come from connected sensors. This data has already begun to affect many industries, and as IoT gains popularity, the uses for this data will grow.

Three industries that already are seeing the importance of gathering sensor data include manufacturing, marketing, and smart cities.


For manufacturers, the IoT will mean using sensor data to improve their products and optimize their manufacturing processes so they can govern themselves. Imagine smart products and supply chains that can take corrective action to avoid damage, and parts that are automatically replenished when stock is low. By installing sensors throughout a company’s factory and gathering information frequently, a business can take their current processes and make them more efficient, thus saving time and money.

According to a study by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in 2013, 13 percent of all manufacturers surveyed already have parts of their factories connected to smart sensors. Of the companies that implemented sensors, 82 percent said they experienced increased efficiency, 49 percent noticed fewer product defects, and 45 percent experienced higher customer satisfaction levels.Read more

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