Quirky + GE released Instantly Connected products

Quirky + GE have released the first wave of imp-enabled Wink: Instantly Connected products.

Egg Minder: an Internet-connected egg tray that tracks how many eggs you have left in your fridge, and how fresh each of them is.

Pivot Power: a flexible, Internet-connected power strip that lets you turn individual outlets on and off from your smartphone.

Nimbus: a customizable Internet-connected dashboard that lets you track the data that affects your life, from commute times and weather to social media and more.

Spotter: lets you know what’s going on at home – from anywhere. Monitor motion, sound, light, temperature and humidity all from your smartphone.

Porkfolio: a piggy bank which connects to the Internet and lets you track your balance and keep an eye on savings via your smartphone.

Hiku: a portable Internet-connected device that lives on your refrigerator and makes creating and checking your grocery list easy by scanning barcodes and taking voice memos.

Toymail: a new collection of cute mailbox-shaped animals that enable you to send messages to your kids. Record a voice message from your phone and Toymail will speak it back in a funny voice (or yours), and kids can reply right from their toy.

Source: Electric Imp