Martin van Rijn, Amsterdam Arena Innovation Lab, Speaks at ISN Conference

Martin van Rijn, Projectmanagement, Amsterdam Arena Innovation Lab, will speak at Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

About Martin van Rijn

Martin van Rijn is an Industrial Engineer with a passion for intelligent systems. After Océ Technologies, a tech-startup at YESDelft! and a post graduate course of the Dutch Ministry of Defense he joined TNO in The Hague. From 2007 he was involved in systems design and research towards intelligent systems and sensor networks for defense and public safety. In 2010 he formed the basis for TNO’s 25M€ enabling technology program on Adaptive Multi Sensor Networks. Since the start of this research program in 2011 Martin operates as a consultant supporting organizations to leverage the emerging power and potential of Sensors and Intelligence.

About Amsterdam Arena Innovation Lab

The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center has been established to be the Dutch Innovation Hub; Its mission is to accelerate the creation and market introduction of new unique smart City applications to improve profitability, sustainability, safety and customer experience.