M2M empowers patients

M2M and connected devices continue to have an indelible impact on the healthcare industry, by offering convenience and efficiency to professionals in the field.

Now, a new M2M development is continuing this trend by putting some of the power back in patients’ hands.

The Center for Connected Health, a division of Partners Healthcare, recently announced the creation of a program which allows patient data collected at home to be transmitted and viewed through the organization’s medical records system. Thus, patients can measure their own vital signs, i.e. weight, blood pressure, or blood glucose level, and transmit the data to a remote monitoring database.

This M2M solution gives healthcare professionals quick and easy access to important data via computer, smartphone, or tablet. It also gives them the ability to compare it to other relevant information via the same screen. Patients may even track their own health data via Patient Gateway, a secure public portal.

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Source: Connected World Magazine