IoT is all about sensors and the data that sensors produce

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about sensors and the data that sensors produce. It’s less about the physical things that have a functional purpose, and it’s more about what becomes possible with the data that is produced by the sensors in those things.  This is especially true when you combine the sensor data from one thing with sensor data from other things, such as combining a truck’s location data with weather condition data 100 miles down the road.

On the outside, it is generally assumed that IoT is about smart machines in manufacturing plants, smart fridges, smart vehicles, etc. But the piece that is actually driving the IoT is the small sensor embedded within the machine. This sensor quietly works to gather and send data that helps make decisions about the machine’s functionality. For instance, the sensor in a smart machine in a plant may measure multiple variables including oil viscosity and hours of machine usage. This data is used to improve operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, which yields savings on repairs, maintenance costs, and fewer machine malfunctions.Read more