Internet of Things to Make Farming More Efficient

ThingSpace presently includes several of the most demanded APIs, with “thousands” of additional APIs to be added in the coming months, according to Lanman. As of today, all developers even if they are not a Verizon customer can code and test on the ThingSpace platform.

As IoT becomes more widely adopted, network connectivity needs to be simple, reliable and economically viable. “We see it as the future for our business”, said Mark Bartolomeo, a Verizon vice president in charge of the company’s Internet of Things and connected solutions division. Designed under the direction of the company’s chief data scientist at Verizon’s labs based in Palo Alto, Calif., this multi-tenant data and analytics platform is being commercialized for large-scale IoT deployments. Lanman and his team recognized the impediments for developing and launching IoT devices – including complexity, fragmentation and costs – and set out two years ago to take the complexity out of it.What they came up with are lower-priced modules for embedding in devices, including a chipset from Sequans that Lanman mentioned during the event, as well as lowering the network access charges, which he said was a tougher one to solve.

Beecham’s research focuses on the opportunities for the Internet of Things to make farming more efficient.Read more