Internet of Things: God’s Gift to the NSA

The fact that IoT technologies are ripe for exploitation by the NSA is just the beginning. The agency now has equipment that lets it ravage the IoT. The Nightstand is a standalone x86 laptop running Linux Fedora Core 3 that can be used to attack PCs running various flavors of Windows. In field operations, it has been used to inject packets into targets up to eight miles away.

Internet of Things, Part 1: God's Gift to the NSAThe United States National Security Agency’s salivary glands no doubt started working overtime when it became apparent that technological advances were moving the world toward an Internet of Things — a world where everything would be connected to everything else wirelessly or over the Web.

Almost two years ago, David Petraeus, then director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, enthused that the IoT would transform surveillance techniques, Wired reported. … (Read more)