Internet of Things: Building Digital Bridges in a Connected World

The internet of things – the concept of a world where every object is online – is not just revolutionary from a product point of view, but from a customer service and a marketing perspective also. And it’s already here. 

Half a century ago, co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, foresaw an age of technology where computing power would double every two years. His prediction – ‘Moore’s Law’ – stood the test of time, driving the miniaturisation of processors, sensors and memory components, and placing super computers once the size of a room into the palms of our hands.

Moore’s observation is widely credited as accurately foreseeing the relentless march of technology, which continues to forge ahead in new directions. As costs lower, components shrink and networks proliferate, the ability to connect screens, products, wearable technology, homes, workplaces, vehicles and even cities to the internet becomes a growing reality.

This vision of a connected world – one we’ve all seen in science fiction movies or The Jetsons – is upon us, as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) equips more and more devices with the technology to monitor, analyse, receive instructions and take action. Many households already boast connected appliances or systems, such as Philips’ Hue lighting system, which controls and optimises lighting via a smartphone app. Then there’s Samsung’s Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Series Refrigerator which, as well as the predictable Twitter feeds, photo slideshows and weather forecasts, can keep track of groceries in the fridge and add items to shopping lists automatically. … (read more)