Integrators to Benefit from Smart City Security Needs

“The UK capital performed well in the rankings due to its adoption rate for smart technologies, from street lighting to traffic management. But hooking up a few streets to intelligent systems does not make a smart city. As with all ambitious city-wide initiatives, security has a major, early stage role to play.” says James Hill electronic security sales manager, NG Bailey’s IT Services division.

Broadly speaking, this role splits into two kinds of work: ‘onsite’ and ‘offsite’. The latter refers to the job of securing connected systems in publicly available spaces such as streets, parks and squares, while the former focuses on connected systems that serve a single building or campus. This distinction matters for all sorts of reasons. Offsite work typically requires a greater degree of remote access control.

City-wide traffic management data, for example, as collected from street-by-street IP-CCTV installations, needs to be collated and analysed at a central source before decisions can be made on how to reduce congestion by redirecting the traffic.Read more