Healthcare is among sectors with a clear path to Internet of Things

The Internet of things is forecast to achieve a $20 billiontotal available market by 2018. But is that market size real? What are the tools that we can use to understand this and take effective action?

The Internet of things is inarguably here already for innovators and early adopters, and seems to be in a state similar to where mobile was seven years ago.

In 2007, the iPhone had not been launched and mobile technology was proliferating but fragmented. The power of the iOS/iTunes platform business model provided the unification that vaulted mobile across the chasm. It’s not yet obvious what that unifying force will be in the Internet of things, but hints are showing up.

The most interesting aspect of the Internet of things is the world of humans that use it. Each “thing” or connected device is part of the digital shadow of a person. A Nike FuelBand captures a digital shadow of a person’s physical activity; a connected car from GM does the same for a person’s driving behavior. … (Read more)