EU urges industry to speed the commercial rollout of connected and automated driving technologies

Europe should be the first to deploy connected and automated driving, said Günther Oettinger, EU commissioner for digital economy and society, as he unveiled plans for an EU-wide rollout of the supporting technologies to representatives of the car and telecoms industries at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona this week.

Oettinger called on the industry to lay plans for “a cross-border virtual network” supporting the adoption of driverless cars. While admitting the commission has not figured out all the technical, financial and legislative details, Oettinger insisted on moving swiftly. “It needs further underpinning […], but my aim is to go forward and to deploy fast,” he said.

It will not be necessary to wait for the installation of next generation 5G wireless networks because certain elements of connected and automated driving systems can be supported by existing 4G standard networks.

The industry has agreed to boost efforts in the areas of connectivity, standardisation and security, but wants the EU to support private investments in better fixed and mobile infrastructures, in order to reduce latency and boost data transfer speeds. Car and telecoms companies will work together to determine standardisation priorities and work on addressing security and safety concerns.

Oettinger urged the industry to present a concrete action plan before the summer, including a timeline for deployment, and a “concrete allocation of responsibilities.”Read more