“The connected racecar” – Presented by Oscar Meijer, URE & Jeroen Elie, McCoy & Partners

Every year the URE (University Racing Eindhoven) team builds a new high-tech revolutionary electronic Formula-style racing car. During the Formula Students events, all over the world, their hard work is put to the test. The drive for being the very best comes from a passion for engineering within the teams. Every year they think of new concepts to improve their performances. For racing season 2015-1016 IoT techniques are added to gain a better insight how the racecar and the driver are performing during tests and during the race. With these insights critical car parts can be monitored and the driver can be coached to ride the perfect lap.

Oscar MeijerAbout Oscar Meijer

Hi, My name is Oscar Meijer and I am the Team Manager of University Racing Eindhoven. After studying Mechanical Engineering for three years at Eindhoven University of Technology I paused my study for a year to guide the racing team. With a team of 50 members we put the focus on innovative solutions which may in the future be part of daily cars.  Every year the team’s effort results in a high tech revolutionary electric racecar for the Formula student Competition.

The main goal of the competition is to prepare the young engineers for the industry. This Competition is supported by over 250 engineers from the industry and has a lot of influence. For example, Ross Brawn once said ‘Formula Student has the potential to be more innovative than F1.’ 

Jeroen ElieAbout Jeroen Elie

Hi, my name is Jeroen Elie and I work as managing consultant for McCoy & Partners together with enthusiastic SAP consultants.

The latest developments within SAP help companies the become a digital company. After working for more than 15 years with SAP software the opportunities are bigger than ever before. Innovations with IoT, Cloud, UX and Big Data are nowadays also possible with SAP software, and I get a lot of energy helping customers to develop their innovations and roadmaps towards a more future proof and sustainable SAP landscape.

About University Racing Eindhoven (URE)

University Racing Eindhoven stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. By competing in the Formula Student competition, the world’s largest engineering design competition, we try to push ourselves and our cars to new limits! Using a combination of the engineering skills of all the members and some help from our dear sponsors, we are able to build a high-tech revolutionary electric Formula-style racecar every year. During the Formula Student events, all over the world, the result of our hard work will be put to the test. The drive for being the very best comes from a passion for engineering deep within every one of our team members, resulting in something epic, year after year.

About McCoy & Partners

McCoy is an IT consultancy firm with its offices on Strijp-S in Eindhoven. McCoy’s consultants and specialists work on challenging IT programs for a wide range of clients. Convinced that IT should reinforce and speed up business. Nothing more, nothing less.

While trying to fulfill all users’ wishes IT has automated, acquired systems and tied one to the other. You can hardly call a standard system, standard anymore. Over the years, they have been contaminated and changed to the extent that nobody dares to make any major changes anymore. IT seems to have become something that holds business back rather than being an accelerator. Time to make things simpler.