Build a Complete Picture of Our World with the Real-Time Sensor Networks

If knowledge is power, then each sensor that comes online offers an increase in human potential and enhanced decision making.

What if your car could monitor the conditions of the road you are driving on and use that information to alert other drivers, as well as road crews to potholes, icy spots, or other dangers? Imagine if the weather information delivered to you each day over your morning coffee arrived with greater accuracy courtesy of crowdsourced data offered up by millions of sensors coming online. Fortunately for us, a world we perhaps relegated to the realm of science fiction is not far off from becoming a feasible reality.

Embedding our objects and devices with more, and more varied, sensors means that collecting and organizing data, can become handled by dedicated systems. These systems organize the information of our world, and then analyze it in ways which help us make sense of the world around us. A ‘Distributed Intelligence’ in this sense, will give us greater freedom by letting us focus our powerful brains, and our precious time, on how it all fits together in the big picture.

Take PressureNET, a project by Canadian company Cumulonimbus, which is a crowdsourced attempt at collecting data from the sensors already embedded in the products we commonly use. … (Read more)