How To Tame A Drone With Your iPhone

Mavelous, a new open-source software project, lets users control homemade UAVs via their iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Amateur UAV enthusiasts who build and deploy their own homemade, unarmed drones are a cool clique in the geek squad. Now a new toy could blow their circle wide open. Mavelous, an open-source, tabet- and smartphone-centric control panel simplifies a big chunk of the DIY UAV equation.

Mavelous, which started development earlier this year, interfaces with a wide variety of drones. The program uses the MAVLink (Micro Air Vehicle) communication protocol, which means it can be used to control a wide variety of homebrewed drones. The program has an easy learning curve, with operators only needing to learn the rudiments of navigation via GPS location. Instead of being laid out like a handheld remote controller, Mavelous is a map-based app.

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Source: Fast Company