Brain-Controlled Quadcopter Drone Takes Flight in China

Researchers at Zhejiang University in China have developed a way to control a quadcopter drone using brainwave-reading technology. Image: Zhejiang University via YouTube (VIDEO)
While humanity is still far from possessing the power of Professor X, brain-control technologies are progressing. We’ve written about brainwaves being used to play PC games, control smartphone apps, shift gears on bicycles and even control a pair of fuzzy cat ears. And now drones. It was only a matter of time, right?

Researchers at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, have posted a YouTube video demonstrating a mind-controlled quadcopter drone. By wearing an EEG (emotiv electroencephalography) headset, Zhejiang’s researchers claim they can pilot a quadcopter by thinking “left hard” to take off or land, “left” to rotate the quadcopter clockwise, “right” to fly forward and “push” to fly up.

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Source: Wired

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