TVs may be next big thing in Home Tech

Top A/V and home automation pros think video is the most exciting technology for 2013. Wireless and networking were other top picks by CE Pro 100 and Commercial Integrator summit attendees

TVs may be the biggest opportunity for A/V retailers and residential integrators.

When was the last time you heard that?

In a small open-ended survey of integrators attending the CE Pro 100 and Commercial Integrator summits, 15.8 percent of attendees say TV technology is “the most exciting technology you see on the horizon.”

And 10.5 percent of attendees specifically call out 4K (now called Ultra HD) and 8K. I feel somewhat vindicated after folks bashed me on my latest 4K Ultra HD story.

By contrast, not a single respondent singled out audio, which was once considered the saving grace of the lackluster A/V business; however, 10.5 percent did call out wireless as the next big thing, and an equal number noted streaming content as exciting. Certainly audio factors into that.

Only 4 percent used the term “network” or “networking” in their responses, but 36.8 percent called out technologies that require robust networks, such as HDMI over IP, IP cameras, and streaming media.

Interestingly, the term “cloud” was mentioned by 12.3 percent of respondents for everything from “cloud-based content” to “cloud-based IP control systems” to “cloud-based services.”

Only one person mentioned home health technology, and fewer-than-expected mentioned lighting or energy management.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if new TV technology was the thing that boosted business for the CE industry? No one ever said that about 3D or smart TVs.

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Source: CEPro