Deutsche Telekom and Digi: Partners on M2M applications in Europe

Digi International and Deutsche Telekom have collaborated to enable access and control of remote devices used in M2M applications throughout Europe

Digi will integrate Deutsche Telekom‘s Sim cards into its mobile gateways and routers and M2M Sim management functionalities into the iDigi Device Cloud. Digi M2M products are used for applications, such as connecting and monitoring remote assets like storage tanks, vehicle fleets, solar power arrays and other remote devices. Digi will also integrate Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Form Factor Sim chips. To further their collaboration, Deutsche Telekom M2M and Digi are integrating the Sim management functionalities of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Service Portal into the iDigi Device Cloud, allowing customers to manage their devices and Sim cards. Digi gateways with Deutsche Telekom MFF Sim chips are available now.

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Source: Telecompaper