Cloud Powers the Internet of Things

A widening array of technology and software vendors are getting on the IoT bandwagon. Cisco Systems is championing the “Internet of Everything.” is promoting the “Internet of the Customer.” Verizon is shifting its mobility marketing efforts from selling commodity mobile phones to supplying a broader set of connected products that can power the wired household.

Cloud Powers the Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things is a key driver of accelerated growth of cloud-based alternatives to traditional on-premises systems and software, and as the new year begins to unfold, it is gaining momentum.

The idea of the IoT evolved from the more narrowly focused concept of machine-to-machine communications, which has been floating around for a while and is now getting more attention in a variety of industries. The most obvious example of M2M deployments is within the transportation industry, where companies increasingly are placing sensors on various vehicles to monitor their movement and improve their logistical efficiency, thus reducing costs and increasing profitability.

The IoT idea envisions a wider universe of connected devices and services that enable businesses and consumers to better understand and control their behavior so as to optimize their corporate performance and quality of life, respectively. … (Read more)