Smart Machines and the Battle of Things

As machine intelligence advances the development of things, we will see more sophisticated intelligence incorporated into robots who will go to battle on our behalf. What happens when digital business penetrates to the core of how things operate in the military realm?

Soon, the rapid advancement of intelligent technology capabilities will give military planners the tools to design robots as autonomous systems that can battle each other using their own sensory “judgment.”

These battles will go beyond virtual warfare, waged computer to computer, and take place in the actual physical world. Bullets may become passé and be replaced by lasers. Ultimately, the evolution of things as robots will transform the concept of warfare as we know it. Defense specialists and politicians can plan battles that greatly reduce the risk of human casualties on the battlefield.

The First Battle of Things
Gartner research predicts that by 2018, the first “battle of things” will occur between autonomous drones and robots leveraging machine intelligence, advanced tactics, advanced communications and advanced weapons. According to Jorge Lopez, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, technologically advanced nations will hold advantages over those that rely on the deployment of purely human armies, and those advanced nations will incur many fewer human casualties on the battlefield. Warfare strategy will pivot around two points: the advancing capabilities of machine intelligence, and the emergence of prototypes that may tend to go outside their intended behavior … (read more)