Silver Spring Networks Acquires Data Analytics Company

Silver Spring Networks has acquired Detectent, which provides utility analytics solutions to help improve AMI and utility grid operations, protect revenue, and deliver enhanced customer engagement programs. The deal expands the software application offerings of Silver Springs’ SilverLink Sensor Network data platform.

Josh Roper, vice president of advanced metering infrastructure, explains, “We started working with Detectent about a year ago as one of the members of our SilverLink partner program. Partners are able to get access to better data on the smart grid, and utilities are able to more easily work with partners, reducing the integration cost and lead time for each new partner app.”

Roper also notes that Silver Spring has been increasing its presence in the utility analytics market in recent years. “One of the things we find our customers asking for is a deeper level of integration between Silver Spring and selected analytics applications. Our customers intuitively understand the connection between better data and better results from the apps they use. But they also want to discover additional ways to take advantage of the distributed edge intelligence enabled by Silver Spring to deliver more types of, and more granular, data. Creating a deeper integration between our platform and Detectent is a natural extension of our original vision and helps our customers realize the use cases they are going after.” … (read more)