Internet of Things to Increase Shortage of Security Professionals

With a global deficit of 1 million information-security workers, companies need to find and train a staff of security specialists, as well as everyday workers, Cisco said.

The current gap in the supply and demand of information-security workers will only widen over the next five years, as the expansion of the Internet of things will make the Web infrastructure even more complex and challenging to defend.

The shortfall in security staff and managers has been a critical issue for the global economy. While outsourcing business processes to the cloud has ameliorated the problem to some extent, the increasing complexity of information infrastructure, lack of visibility into cloud services and the rapidly expanding number of devices connected to the Internet of things have all made the shortage of corporate security experts more critical, Sujata Ramamoorthy, director for global information security for Cisco’s Threat Response, Intelligence, and Development (TRIAD) group.

“These trends are what are fueling the need for additional security skills in the industry, and because the networks themselves are getting more complex, the applications communicating over them are getting more complex,” she said. “Business overall, as we know it, is evolving.” … (Read more)