‘Internet of things’ is the most over-hyped technology, say analysts

Tech analyst firm Gartner puts the technology firmly at the peak of the ‘hype cycle’ The “internet of things” (IoT) is the most over-hyped technology in development today, according to tech analysts Gartner. The firm puts the technology, which promises a world in which every electronic device has a sim card and its own presence on the net, at five to 10 years from actual productivity.

Right now, it says, the concept is instead it is at the “peak of inflated expectations”. Gartner highlights a lack of standardisation in the area, as well as the changing nature of the technology itself, as part of the reason why widespread adoption is further than its promotors think.

“Standardisation (data standards, wireless protocols, technologies) is still a challenge to more-rapid adoption of the IoT,” writes Gartner’s Hung LeHong. “A wide number of consortiums, standards bodies, associations and government/region policies around the globe are tackling the standards issues. Ironically, with so many entities each working on their own interests, we expect the lack of standards to remain a problem over the next three to five years.” … (Read more)

Source: News-Republic.com