How Manufacturing is Changed by Big Data

Manufacturing organizations are faced with many challenges to bring new innovative products and services to market in short time and also to improve overall efficiencies. Industrial IOT or Industry 4.0 brings together many technology solutions for manufacturing organization to meet these challenges.

Engineering products are becoming smarter, connected, intelligent, self-learning and autonomous. The design and development philosophy is completely different for these smart and connected products compared to the conventional products. During the design of these smart products, all the operational and maintenance parameters to be captured have to be identified. Sensors, data acquisition and communication systems have to be designed and integrated with the structure or system. Similarly, manufacturing and testing of these smart products is radically different from the conventional products. Further, many software components and algorithms need to be integrated with the system to make it more intelligent.

Design of smart and connected products require a systemic perspective on various systems and sub-systems of the product, how they need to be integrated and operated to meet specific functional requirements. Specific failure modes of the structure and system needs to be identified before a product is realized. This requires lot of domain expertise of the system being designed. Many technology aspects like data interoperability, data standards and security have to be considered. Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) can help in capturing the product and process knowledge. This knowledge can be effectively used to identify failure modes and parameters to be captured for monitoring the performance of the system.Read more

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