Society’s next big challenge: infinite data

What the heck do we do with it?

Google, Netflix, and other big companies have taught us that data is valuable for insights that can be obtained from it, so others have started exploring their own data and want to do more with it. Some companies have been doing this in a way that sets no expectation as to what can be learned from it.

Rather than starting with a question and looking for an answer, people started finding the questions data was already answering. The idea has been to find the hidden potential of data, and we’ve already seen benefits to doing this type of analysis.

Fixed data or fixed problem?
What if you are really committed to solving a specific prediction problem or have a specific question in mind? Project managers know that they need to decide which of their time, budget, and schedule are fixed and which are more flexible, and that this decision can fundamentally change the nature of a project.

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Source: Venturebeat