Philips Design will organize a special seminar ‘from data to meaning for people’

The seminar (October 22nd, 2012) will shed insight into how a data-enhanced business can innovate by translating ‘Big Data’ into value for people.
Thought leaders in the field, with different backgrounds, will share their view on the topic and give their own perspective on how to bring about more meaningful use of data for people.

The internet is becoming ever more intertwined with our daily lives, even more so now that mobile platforms are blurring the dividing line between the online and physical worlds. Data now touches so many parts of our lives that our world is becoming a composite of digital and real. Data is pervasive, abundant and constantly changing how the world operates. Tapping into this wealth of Big Data has huge potential for data-enhanced businesses that are creative and capable of making data meaningful and relevant for people.

The seminar will be held at the Strip Conference Center – High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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