How IoT is already changing the way we do business today

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting concept, a future where “billions of things are talking to each other,” as technology consulting company SAP describes it. We’ve seen gadgets and domestic appliances connect to the Internet and ping your smartphone with info, but it’s becoming more clear that these toys are a prelude to a vastly connected world. And yet, we spend most of our day at work. Here’s how technologists think the world of IoT will change the workplace—and how it’s already changing how we do business today.

First, let go of that image of devices and gadgets chatting amiably. The IoT world will have so much data coming in from so many sources that the challenge will be in making any sense of it at all. As technology author Anthony D. Williams posted in 2011, “Virtually every animate and inanimate object on Earth could be generating and transmitting data, including our homes, our cars, our natural and man-made environments, and yes, even our bodies.”Read more