Critics of big data have overlooked the speed factor

Velocity, not volume is increasingly what determines the hardware and software needs of data-processing organisations.

Critics of big data are picking holes in its validity as a concept, but there is a problem with their arguments around data volume – it is speed, not size, that defines big data in 2013.

Big data is among the computing neologisms du jour, and a technology conference in 2013 is rarely considered complete without a smattering of uses, typically accompanied by further volume-related qualifiers (tsunamis of big data being by far the worst offender I have encountered – other suggestions welcome).

Despite having been in use for a few years now, settling on just what is meant by big data appears to be a complex task. As is their wont, various computing gurus (that one isn’t confined to tech circles) have come up with initialisms to summarise what they see as its key constituent parts.

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Source: The Guardian