Catch New Customers With “Moneyball Marketing”

To be honest, I’ve been feeling guilty lately, a bit like a cheat, enjoying my Daily Show and Rookie Blue but skipping those commercials that well-intentioned advertising creatives slaved away designing.

I worry how Jon Stewart will get paid if I don’t sit through his advertisements. Yet I still hit Fast Forward as I hunt for the next laugh.

How can marketers make it today, in a world of hundreds of devices sourcing thousands of channels? How will the Wall Street Journal survive, when each time I open its pages it gives me news I read yesterday morning on Google Currents? Fragmentation, proliferation, and the free flow of information have complicated the once-simple job of marketers.

Luckily, some people have figured out how to thrive in the new world, and I got a chance to speak to one of them: Larry Popelka, author of one of my favorite innovation columns on Bloomberg Businessweek and author of the just-released book, Moneyball Marketing.

The title Moneyball Marketing is based upon the movie Moneyball where large volumes of data hide truths that are not easily apparent without in-depth analysis.


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