Teradata launches “Analytics of Things” accelerator

Everyone has an IoT platform these days, but some want to start off in high gear, Analytics of Things

Enter the IoT accelerator. Gartner has projected that the Internet of Things, which depends on real-time data, will produce $1.9 trillion in economic value by 2020. Companies of course are looking to capture some of that value. But while IoT companies tout their successes, the truth is that many IoT projects fail. Reasons include high start-up costs; lengthy, complex projects; and enormous amounts of data to capture and analyze.

Also, in trying to realize value from their data, businesses might not know where to start. An accelerator built around specific use cases—for example condition-based monitoring—establishes the value proposition right away, rather than having the business spend a lot of capital on software and infrastructure just to get a seat on the “Big Data” bandwagon, with no idea where they’re going.

According to Teradata, the AoT accelerators are technology agnostic intellectual property and professional services, derived from proven field engagements at the world’s largest industrial IoT companies. The IP consists specifically blueprints for data models, analytic techniques, and rules for transformations and data preparation that address specific business opportunities.

The new Teradata AoT accelerators include:

  • Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Performance Optimization
  • Sensor Data Qualification Accelerator

Source: rtinsights.com